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In Memory of Erika Roman

First and Foremost…we at Pure Cash Magazine send our genuine condolences to the friends and family of Erika Roman. I cannot take any credit for anything I’m about to write. I’m not doing this for monetary purp...

MunekaWear Fashions

Origination of MunekaWear This clothing line for women was created by Diana Rosario in 2003. Translated muñeca means doll, but spanish slang refers to a beautiful, sexy and glamorous woman as a “muñeca”.This company...


ERIC 149

I WANNA GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT NEVER BURNED BRIDGES WITH ME. My name is Eric Garcia,I grew up on 149th st. in the South Bronx,I pretty much grew up in the era of HIP-HOP. You can read about anything,but there&#...