Ms. Lady

Model Alias : ms lady or barbie
Email: [email protected]
MySpace URL:
Management Contact Info:
Hometown: over seas but in tampa florida for now
Occupation: student/model/hair stylist
What ONE Word BEST Describes You?: not sure i would have to name three. its all on how i feel that day.
Favorite Website: Pure Cash of course. lol bossip
Zodiac Sign: cancer
Orientation: straight
Status: single
Major Turn On: a man that has alot to show, style an swagg a must.. nice smile and edge. many more. i could go on all day lol.
Major Turn Off: bad breath, sorry but its lik not cool. a player and cheater will never make the cut.
Describe A Perfect Date: i would have to say theres two. one is a nght on the town with home made dinner and movie. for my thugs lol just hanging and hitting the freeway enjoying life.
When did you decide you wanted to get into modeling?: last year.
What are some of your short term and long term goals? : my short term goal is to finish school,save as much as i can, invest in stock or at least a condo. enjoy the model gig for as long as it last.

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