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Where can we hear your stuff? got 2 albums available on every mp3 store worldwide, itunes, amazon, etc.
on Facebook got over 30 tracks up there ‘southpaw da don fan page’
How did you get that name? Im a lefty and a big Rocky Balboa fan,,haha,,so i called myself Southpaw, then got the ‘Da Don’ added on from being from Italy, and to seperate myself from 100 other people with the name Southpaw
What has been your biggest accomplishment? getting worldwide downloads on my albums,,especiallyt in UK and Japan and just signed management deal with Bangem Smurf, original g-unit member, He knows the game from working with 50 and he dont get caught up in the politics,,he is mad loyal, and tells you how it is
What has been your most difficult challenge? overcoming the eminem comparison,
What makes you different? im on a universal level, i can make a record for the streets, and a record for school kids
What projects are you working on? got 2 albums dropping this summer on itunes and every mp3 store worldwide ‘The Turn’ and ‘Lost In Translation’..also dropping a mixtape this summer hosted by Bangem Smurf
Where are you from originally? born in Italy, grew up in Woodbridge, VA,,spent 4 years in Kentucky signed to a indie label, and ive been in Orlando, Fl for 3 years now
How Long have you been making music? about 12 years now
What artists inspire you? ludacris, rage against the machine,
How would you define your style of music? TOTAL PACKAGE
What teams are you affiliated with? FEED DA WOLVES
Who are some artists that you have worked with? too many indie artists to list,,have yet to collab with a mainstream artist
Who would you like to collab with? ludacris, and The Boss himself Rick Ross
Where do you see the future of music?  the game dont change, only the players change..
Where do you see yourself in 1 year? its a secret…but its gonna be BIG
Describe yourself in one word. UNIVERSAL
Any shout outs? my right hand man Red, DonRon, Bangem Smurf, the whole feed da wolves and maybach music family,

Email: umpared@gmail.com
Management Contact Info: Red-347-601-1401