Smashing through the glitz and grime of a music industry where so many MC’s are ultra far out the masses can’t understand them, Eddystone’s Shortyo steps to the plate, mic drawn, lyrics poised. Those have anxiously awaited an MC that could speak to the nations streets and, at the same time, a culture that spans the globe.

With overflowing confidence and a spit-game rivaling none, Shortyo is putting in work. Having honed his face on stages from NYC the gritty streets of Philly, Shortyo garnered a die-hard worldwide fan-base. Refusing to be categorized as a member of the white rapper underground, Shortyo insists on defining his music with a rare authenticity and balance while teaching complacent MC’s what the future of the streets is all about.

Shortyo launched his career in 1997 when he started Affiliated Records and started putting his own mixtape’s in the streets. Things were going great for the new label owner when in 2002 he signed a major distribution deal with 101 distribution in AZ and released his 1st official cd titled “Living My Life” With the UK produced track, “Broken Wings Featuring KLee” Shortyo’s distinctly street vocals hit the college radio circuit hard and heavy. Shortly after that the world was introduced to Shortyo as he appeared On Major Mix tapes with the likes of 50cent, Camron and Jayz , Shortyo’s career was in full throttle.

In a span of 5 years following his 1st official release, Shortyo signed a few acts to his Affiliated imprint. Within those 5 years Affiliated Records released 10 albums nationwide and accumulated over 100,000 cd sales in-store and digital. Shortyo had no problem finding talent and putting in the forefront of the music industry but being an artist himself he started to get the ‘itch’ again. ‘I was putting all these albums out, albums from cats like Omillio Sparks and Spider Loc and artists of that caliber, I mean these are major cats who came to me to do some things independently. I started to get the urge to get back in the studio and start recording another album’

Kicking off 2009, Shortyo is blazing the airwaves with his smash radio hit, “Stripper featuring platinum rapper Yung Berg. The single which will have every girl shaking their ‘Stanky Leg’ in the club and is sure to do well on College and Commercial radio. Following the single will be Shortyo’s new album ‘Loyalty Is Everything’ which features production from well named producers like Felli Fel, Oz n da Decon and more and features including Lil Wayne, Yung Berg, Too $hort, and the late great 2pac. With an album like this there’s no telling what is in store for this young man. Alls we can tell you is that its Shortyo’s Time!

Where can we hear your stuff? On my website, Itunes, napster, Youtube im all over

How did you get that name? Was a highschool nickname. Was Shorty Ounce but i shortened it to Shortyo

What has been your biggest accomplishment? Establishing major distribution and putting out my 1st cd

What has been your most difficult challenge? Breaking into the music business and being respected as an artist

What makes you different? im a white rapper, that pretty much makes me different then 90% of the artists out there. Plus my story is real. Im not a gimmick

What projects are you working on? My solo album featuring yung berg, too short and more.

Where are you from originally? Chester Pennsylvania

How Long have you been making music? Since i was in 4th grade

What artists inspire you? jadakiss, 2pac, jayz

How would you define your style of music? my style is commercial. Something for the clubs, something for the hood, something for the burbs

What teams are you affiliated with? The Trap Boys

Who are some artists that you have worked with? cyssero, kurupt, yung berg, too $hort, omillio sparks, spider loc man so many

Who would you like to collab with? anyone if they are talented ill work with them

Where do you see the future of music? in the cd players of hundreds of thousands of people! Running my own company farther then ever!

Where do you see yourself in 1 year? With at least a gold single and a great album out

Describe yourself in one word: REAL

Any shout outs? Shout out to my Affiliated family, trap boys, cyssero, cmb, bezel, skull gang bird gang

Web Site URL:

Management Contact Info: 4844863287

One thought on “Shortyo

  1. One word that describes you? REAL? lmao. A fan of WWE, and SpongeBob Square Pants, is hardly the kind of ingredients that formulate a firm identity as being a real street rapper, & Omillo Sparks & Spider are hardly “major” artists either lol. I got no problem with your actual music and content (some is actually alright), just you individually for selling bootleg 2Pac music guised as authentic product, and for flaunting rented jewelry with arrogance like you have major dough when you really don’t. Credit, and ‘rent’ don’t count. That’s what’s wrong with the game, and what prevents it from being globally recognized as a “REAL” genre because we have too many fake morons out there flashing crap they don’t own, and plated watches, and pics of rented out cars, and other meandering imitations. Real Hip Hop should be about real ish, and soz you don’t cut the mould big man :)

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